We believe that we are capable of being an influence for good and change. We do not call our team of dedicated representatives an influencer because of how many followers they have or how many likes their post gets but because we know they have the capability to help lift those around them. 

Why Become an Influencer?

Our Influencer program is a business opportunity coming Quarter 1 of 2022.

CBD is changing lives. We are CBD obsessed and love to share our knowledge and products with our friends and family. Now we want to give you the opportunity to share CBD with those you care about!

  • Earn 25% commission on all Retail sales
  • Earn 15% on all Preferred Customer (Autoship Program) sales
  • Operate without purchasing inventory (We have you covered)
  • Work with a team of Influencers to gain business experience

Be an influence for GOOD

Our Influencers are an influence for GOOD
Good Health
Good health is not the absence of illness or disease but rather a state of good physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Good health is a lifestyle choice and requires consistent effort.

Good Wealth
Good wealth is the ability to cover the financial needs of yourself, your family, and being able to help others in need. Financial stability brings peace of mind and opens more opportunities.

Good Family
Good Families are essential for a strong society. Good families actively work on the following principles:
• Showing appreciation and affection for each other
• Being committed to the family, making choices together, and supporting family member’s decisions
• Positively communicating
• Developing resilience and strong coping skills
• Having a healthy spiritual well-being
• Spending quality time together

Good Community
Influencers are aware of what is happening in their community and do what they can to make it a great place to live.

Good World
Influencers lift and help people in their sphere of influence as well as others throughout the world. As a collective, through small acts of service, we can make big changes in the world.

Only the Best Quality CBD

Our company was built around, “if we wouldn’t give it to our own family, we won’t give it to yours.”  We control the process from the seeds that are planted to the way the oil is extracted and formulated. We feel confident that every bottle of Mons Pura is safe, pure, and packed full of beneficial cannabinoids. 

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