Citrus Burst

I was lucky to find your product. I purchased the product to try to help all my aches and pains. Now I will say this, I take the drops each morning, and it does sooth the pain some. However, I found something else that has given me my life back. My brain fog is gone!!!!! I was to a point where I was beginning to give up on everything. I couldn’t remember anything anymore. I would forget where I was and where I was going constantly. I couldn’t think straight anymore. But my head is so clear now. Why? I don’t know, but thank you for this quality product!  -Mike J. 

Neuropathy Help

I have a condition that has burdened me throughout the last 3 years. I have a condition that causes neuropathy in my foot, which flares up at the worst times.  An example is when I would retire to bed and as I was relaxing to fall asleep, about 30 mins in, my left foot, at the toes, would flare up with pain and restlessness. It would take about 3 hours for the neuropathy to subside enough for me to finally get to sleep. This would happen every night. I was very uncomfortable and lacking a full night’s sleep, which was taking a toll on my health.  Another example is when I was driving, my foot would hurt so much that I would have to have someone else drive.   I was introduced to Mons Pura CBD oil, with the hope that it could improve my situation. I started by taking half a dropper in the morning and half a dropper at night. Within 3 days, I no longer was experiencing flare ups as I retired to bed. I can finally go through the process of winding down to sleep without the flare up to hinder me from getting rest. I was completely and pleasantly surprised by my results. Since taking the Mons Pura product I feel rested and have not had any more flare ups.  -Greg, General Contractor

The Citrus Works!

The Citrus Burst CBD Oil 2000mg is the real deal! Absolutely surreal results. I am the owner of and in my line of work I sit many hours daily. Back and shoulder pain was almost the norm. On top of muscle pain I was sleepless at least 2-3 nights a week. 500mg of Tylenol and 10mg of melatonin does help but I tried to reserve the use to no more than 3 times a week. Three months ago I found out about Mons Pura so I thought I would give their full spectrum oil a try and it was literally life changing. After taking 1ml before bed I would wake up with much reduced muscle pain. Sleep also comes smoother and faster each night. I am just happy that it works since the other oils I have tried yield results that I really have to use my imagination to convince myself that there is even an effect taking place. Mons Pura oil takes effect just about 30 minutes after consumption for me and I fall asleep soon after so imagination is not necessary. I am hooked! I have since recommended and even bought several as gifts for close family members and so far only great feedback. I am now a believer! Oh I tried the Natural also but Citrus is the way to go for me. Give it a shot! I think you will be glad you did.   -Vinh Nguyen 

Mint Explosion

I have been having pain and swelling in my right hand for the last year. After 2 weeks of taking Mons Pura CBD Full-spectrum twice a day, I have twice the mobility and half the pain.  -Jack R. 

Recovery and Sleep

This is the first CBD product that has ever worked for me. I track my health using a Whoop and my recovery metrics and sleep metrics went through the roof. I also had some left knee inflammation (9 months of dealing with it) and it’s now gone. I started seeing results after about 2-3 weeks. I highly recommend this product. I’ve shared it with 10 other people and they’ve also seen improvements in different ways.  -Ben J.

Rapid Cooling Muscle Relief Roll-On

This stuff is magical! As a runner, I tend to get sore and tight hamstrings on a regular basis. I started rolling this on before my workouts and immediately noticed my usual tightness was gone! With these types of results, I’m a Mons Pura user for life.   -Bekah, Nutritionist and Fitness Expert 

Rock Climbing Relief

This has saved rock climbing for me. I experienced a severe case of climbers elbow, damage to the tendons in the elbow, and after a few days of applying the roll on to my elbow before and after I climb I have been able to climb much harder routes and feel no pain in my elbow. Highly recommend the roll-on for everything!  -Jackson B. 

Better Life

I started seeing the results of Mons Pura when my husband of 50 years started taking it and was finally able to sleep more than five hours a night. He’s not as stressed out and is more alert to things going on and to people around him. Finally, after not sleeping, I also decided to take the oil. Up to this time, I was experiencing more arthritis pain in my hands, knees and feet. I was taking ibuprofen every night which only gave me relief for about four hours of sleep. I was nervous about taking so much ibuprofen, and after taking more, I would lie awake for hours until I fell asleep exhausted for maybe an hour. Within two days of taking Mons Pura, I slept all night and woke up feeling great. My arthritis doesn’t bother me as much and I feel better than the last 15 years of my life. I went off it, just as a test and sure enough, within a month, I was back on Mons Pura. My life is better! Who knew what a little pure CBD oil could do? I’ll tell you who, the Mons Pura team.    -Deb., Farmers Wife 

Better Sleep

Mons Pura has helped me tremendously with my sleep. I normally wake up 10-15 times a night but with this I almost always sleep through the night.  -Chance N. 

Pet Relief

Our senior Golden Retriever was having significant trouble going up and down stairs because of arthritis and joint pain. It was heartbreaking for a dog who, for years, walked miles on the trails each day. We started using the Bacon Flavor Pet Tincture almost one year ago, and we are thrilled with the results! Our old boy recently turned 14 years, and he is back to walking with our younger dogs and taking stairs better than the last couple of years. It took a few weeks of daily doses to see a difference, but it has certainly been worthwhile. We wholeheartedly recommend this product!  -Joel L. 


We understand that not all CBD is the same, that’s why we grow all of our own hemp, extract the oil ourselves, and develop all our products. Every drop of oil in our products was crafted with you in mind. 

Peppermint Tincture with leaves


Welcome to the Mons Pura family! Just like most families, we look out for each other, we laugh together, and we work hard to accomplish our goals. We started as a family business and we continue to have the same values and goals. Our company motto is, “if we wouldn’t give it to our own family, we won’t give it to yours.” This standard has greatly influenced how we grow the plants, harvest, extract, formulate, and bottle all of our products.

Citrus Tincture with Lemons


Many CBD products are made with a CBD isolate, meaning that the only cannabinoid found in those products is CBD. Here at Mons Pura, we believe that CBD works best when combined with other cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN. That’s why we use only Full or Broad-spectrum CBD oil in our products.

Dog looking at CBD Tincture


Just as we have an endocannabinoid system that can benefit from the use of cannabinoids, so do our pets. Our pet line is a perfect fit for your dog or cat. 

Our Guarantee

We KNOW our CBD works. We personally and organically craft it every step of the way. We grow it; we extract it; we process it; we test it; we use it; we love it. 

Every one of our products is third-party tested for safety and potency. Our product is exactly what we say it is, unlike so many other Hemp products on the market.

We back the quality of our product with a no-questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.


We know each one of you are unique and have a unique set of needs, that is why we have developed a product lineup that is as diverse as you.



Hemp plants produce a whole host of beneficial cannabinoids, the most popular are CBD and THC. Other cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN also have beneficial uses. Cannabinoids are more effective when multiple are present (this is called the entourage effect). 

Peppermint Twist


Broad-spectrum, like Full-spectrum, contains a host of beneficial cannabinoids with the exception of the THC. Although THC is an extremely beneficial cannabinoid, we understand that not everyone is able to take a product with THC.

Roll On


Our topicals, such as the Rapid Cooling Roll-On, make a great addition to your CBD regimen. Not only are our topicals packed with high-quality CBD, but also include a whole melody of natural ingredients.  


At Mons Pura, we believe in influencing the world around us for good. Join a team of committed people who strive each day to better both their own life as well as everyone around them.

After 36 years of teaching elementary school, I thought pain was my reality. My feet and hips hurt all day and kept me awake tossing and turning all night. Trying to get everything done with a smile on my face was exhausting. I wanted to make it to 40 years teaching, but I couldn’t see how that would happen.

Just 2 weeks into taking Mons Pura’s CBD the swelling and the accompanying pain began to abate. For the first time in a long while I could sleep for several hours at a time. After a month or so, the swelling in my hands and feet had really subsided. I could walk and stand without cringing. I am sleeping even better at 6 weeks and I have energy to do the things I wanted to do, but couldn’t, just a few months before. I wish I had been given the opportunity to experience this change earlier. It has really made a difference in my life.


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