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The Mons Pura Story

When our family began farming hemp, several friends and family members asked us where they could find quality CBD products. We found that there was a real need for clean, potent, and tested CBD products. We saw an opportunity to do better.

With the goal being to create the highest quality product available, we carefully developed processes where we maintain control from the seeds we plant to how the oil is extracted and bottled. As seventh-generation farmers, we designed and built greenhouses so that we would have complete control over the growing environment. Finally, we built a state-of-the-art science based laboratory and production facility to carefully extract the oil and formulate products. Our family works each day to grow, extract, and bottle the highest quality oil in the industry.

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At Mons Pura, we believe in influencing the world around us for good. Join a team of committed people who strive each day to better both their own life as well as everyone around them.